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New Television project: Witches. Available Scripts - film makers looking for a script to make?  Comedy, drama, shorts

Are you a film-maker or illustrator? Are you looking for a script or writer-collaborator to make your next film or graphic novel?  The scripts below (with the exception of The Fishdance Kid which has already been made) are all up for grabs. If any of them take your fancy, contact me to read the full script or chat further.


Edie and Harriet

Harriet, an alienated teenager kidnapped by her estranged father, finds strength through learning about Edie, a young artist in 1930s Venice, who had a secret life as a resistance fighter.

When Ben, a misguided and desperate father, kidnaps his two daughters he finds himself embroiled in a mess that he hadn’t prepared for.  Battling against the scathing hostility of his eldest daughter, Harriet, and fleeing a nation-wide hunt to recover the girls, he is forced to lie low in a neglected old cottage which once belonged to the late eccentric artist, Edith Ballard. 

Kept confined in the attic studio, surrounded by taxidermy animals, notebooks and half -finished paintings, Harriet discovers a whole world about the reclusive artist who lived there. A world of Italian fascism, rebellion and love. A world where the artist remained trapped until her death due to the unresolved shame she carried within her.  And a world which ultimately inspires Harriet to break free from her own prison. 

Chasing Shadows  

On a road trip through Europe, a complacent man finally wakes up to the realisation that the woman he betrayed eight years before may be his true love. But Sarah is no longer the woman he thought she was.

The Fishdance Kid

A female getaway driver decides, mid-heist, that she’s had enough of her dodgy boyfriend. The Fishdance Kid is a comedy about a woman who, through a series of flashbacks and fantasies, finally recognises that she is stuck in a dead-end relationship and needs to seize the opportunity to move on, however inconvenient the timing may be.

This first short script of mine was commissioned by ScreenSouth/Film UK and shot at Pinewood Studios. The finished film was selected for the Best of UK Shorts in the London Independent Film Festival.

Watch The Fishdance Kid on Youtube.

Car journeys and road trips seem to crop up a lot in my writing. I like the symbolic contrast between the open freedom of the road and the intimate claustrophobia of the car – conflict and denial always seems inevitable, whether between strangers or married couples.
— Kate Wickens

Que Sera, Sera

An awkward love story about a teenage couple who suffer last minute doubts about their choice to elope. Instead of resolving their problem through discussion and reflection, the couple decide to place the decision in the hands of fate. 


Man's best friend

Ernie’s daughter, Janet, is worried about him. He never does anything but sit in that manky chair of his and it’s clear that getting him out and about will do him a world of good.  What he needs is a dog – a nice gentle, well-trained retired greyhound.

As far as Ernie’s concerned though, there’s no need for any meddling or changes.  If it wasn’t for his next door neighbour with his mysterious night time hammering, Ernie would be perfectly happy. He’s got his comfy armchair, the daily trip to the pub and a regular helping of spaghetti hoops and The Weakest Link.   The last thing he needs is a malevolent canine interloper, especially one that intrudes on his special time with the pretty home help.

However, an unexpected prank makes him realise that he and Big Boy may have more in common than he first thought and the dog could be his perfect ally.   United in irritation towards their next-door neighbour, and armed with nothing more than a soggy tennis ball, Ernie and Big Boy join forces to put an end to the night-time hammering once and for all. 

Driving Tales

A series of seven linked tales exploring the different human dynamics and tensions that can arise when confined within a car.