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As a child Kate was quite feral and you could find her either curled up with her pet goat in a rusting car or up a tree throwing water bombs down on unsuspecting passers-by. 

As an adult she is civilised and quite kind.  On a good day.

She has worked and travelled around – directing plays in China, counting biscuits in Israel and perfecting the ancient art of napkin peacocks in Spain. She has also talked about books and writing a lot and has sometimes been paid for it too. 

She is fond of rock-pooling with her kids and enjoys nothing more than observing human beings doing their bonkers stuff. But she still can’t really understand why anyone would want to eat sea urchin for the second time. 

Being loveable or socially attractive isn’t always the foremost thing on a woman’s mind, and Kate thinks the world will be a much more interesting place when we not only acknowledge this fact but celebrate it too.


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