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NEW NOVEL 'Cursed Love Blues'


'I suppose, if I had to pin down the moment when I realised things were no longer - straightforward, shall we say? – then I would mark it as the point when the three of us had sex for the first time. 

When I suggested a naked swim, it was dark and everyone was drunk on tequila and the idea of the world ending.   I know you won’t believe me, but it wasn’t even sex that was on my mind at that point. I was simply in the mood for the sea itself. After all, there aren’t many things more fun than swimming naked in the sea at night, right?'  

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A disgraced goddess, scorned by the gods and condemned by an ancient curse to wander the earth in human form

But Atë is nobody’s victim.

Indomitable, mischievous and ravishing, she is determined to enjoy all the sensual pleasures of the body and this world, even if they do come with a price.

She isn’t known as the goddess of infatuation and recklessness for nothing.

Drifting across centuries and continents, through the countless lives of confounded kings, geniuses and fools, she is haunted by a secret ache for a human soul she has loved and lost over different lifetimes.

When a young blues singer mysteriously disappears during a Mexican fiesta, Atë realises the key to freeing herself from her curse might finally be within her grasp.

Embark on a wild road trip that takes you into a twilight world of disgruntled angels, unreliable gods, desperate lovers, vengeful priests and friendly goats to the sounds of Nina Simone, Nick Cave, Cat Power and the Doors…  

This is a riveting novel, epic in its scope on many fronts: the phantasmagorical, colourful, multi-dimensional and broad landscape is vividly portrayed with a dramatic film-like quality and populated with haunting, powerful characters; the writing is rich with insights into human nature, described in punchy, evocative, fresh and original language that is a real pleasure to read.
— Jo Daughtry
A powerful vision of the narcissistic perspective a goddess would have... I love the exploration into a goddess’s gaze onto the human race, grasping some things about what compels and motivates us but also in her failure to comprehend our complicated emotional needs.
— Gary Shiiladay
On the Road meets True Blood
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The way the book meanders through different time periods reminds me of David Mitchell’s ‘Cloud Atlas’. I adore books with a strong female lead and Atë is certainly a force to be reckoned with. This is not your average ‘safe’ book... I felt how I did after I’d walked out of the cinema after watching Lord of the Rings in 3D... My mind was blown.
— Sarah Paoletti

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