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Words. Pretty great, aren’t they?

Can make people laugh, cry, think, care, invest. They can even make people get up and go and change the world...

If you’ve got something to say, but you’re not sure which words to use or whether you’ve used the right ones to achieve the effect you’re after, I can help.

Whatever shape or form, I can write your words for you or offer advice on how to improve your existing copy in the following areas:

 Grammar, Punctuation and Clarity

Whatever your business, it’s important that you come across as professional.  Dense, clunky sentences can lose precious attention and sloppy punctuation can lose you respect.  Ensuring that your copy is mistake-free, fluent and clear is an essential baseline start before attempting any of the jazzy stuff below. Which is why I include this service for free in every one of my packages. Yes, I’m nice like that.


Your current and future clients are first and foremost people. And people respond more positively to the sound of a real human voice talking to them than they do to a robot voice that has been programmed to say the right thing.  When you’ve decided on how you would like your ‘voice’ to sound (trustworthy and reliable, caring and kind, in your face, witty and savvy), I’ll write or rewrite your existing copy to ensure that it sounds natural and consistent  throughout.


Unless you’ve invented an astronaut sock specially designed to be worn on Jupiter, it’s highly likely that you’ll have a few competitors out in your field. We need to ensure that not only are you clear about what makes you and your business different than the others, but that this distinctive quality is coming across loud and clear in your marketing

Boost the benefits

You know your business is great. but your reader won’t be interested in what you’re offering unless it’s emphatically clear what exactly you're going to do for them –  I will help you spell out how your business is going to improve your clients' lives and solve their problems.

Clear the Clutter

There’s a lot to say about  how your business works, but people are busy and easily distracted.  What are the key things you want to say and what are the key things your clients want to hear? I’ll make sure these needs match up in a clear and concise way that cuts to the chase.

Persuasive Techniques

There are proven techniques that work in words and layout to increase persuasiveness. I’ll make sure that your copy makes full use of them, without ever sounding too ‘salesy’ or artificial. 

SEO Keywords

By ensuring that your title and first and last paragraphs contain important SEO friendly keywords (without sounding clunky), you are more likely to receive higher rankings in search engines like Google and Bing.


  • ·       Webpage Content
  • ·       Brochures and leaflets
  • ·       Adverts  and pitches
  • ·       Blogs and newsletters
  • ·       Letter writing and CVs
  • ·       Speeches and presentations
  • ·       Documents, articles and essays
  • ·       Film scripts and books



As a former teacher of secondary school, GCSE and A Level English Language and Literature, I’ve had over 15 years' experience of polishing grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation and clarity.

As a published author, blogger and produced screenwriter, I’ve had over ten years’ experience of meeting deadlines, working to briefs and collaborating with creatives, healers and executives.

As a writer, I’m a perfectionist with an eye for flair and detail.

As an editor and proof-reader, I’m resourceful and thorough.

As a person, I’m friendly, conscientious and make a great rum cocktail for after the work is done...

And, most importantly, I enjoy working closely with clients to ensure that we achieve exactly the impression that’s best for you.

You’ve done what you’re good at, now let me make your work shine in the way it deserves.

Whether it's a case of giving your Best Woman speech the once over and adding some jokes (I can do funny ones too on request) or turning your article into the shiny gem the HuffPost are gagging for or transforming your notebook of bus-stopping ideas into luminous website copy - I'm your woman.

Email me if you think you think you might like to work with me.

Kate is the best editor I’ve ever worked with.
— Kate Marillat, best-selling author of 'Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life'