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Affordable & Professional Brighton Copy writing, Editing & Proofreading Services - professionally crafted words with flair & down-to-earth advice on voice & Brand Identity, Audience Focus, marketing,  Benefits vs Features,  Calls to Action, Attention Grabbers, Clarity & Readability

Copywriter, Editor & Proof-reader offering

professionally Crafted words with flair & down-to-earth advice on:

voice & brand identity     benefits vs features     clarity & readability     audience focus     calls to action     marketing      attention grabbers

Affordable Packages Tailored To Small Businesses

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Website Supercharge Package

Only £50 (normal price £65) if booked by end of January

January Special Offer

website supercharge Package

Only £50 if booked by the end of January (normal price £65)

I will energise and strengthen any areas that need attention*.  I will also give it a final proofreading polish (for typos and sense) so that your words are powerful, immaculate and ready to go out and shine!

*Up to 500 words. 

Have more words?  Take a look below at the other packages I offer  – any package booked by the end of January gives you 10% off.

Words are powerful…

And the right words in the right place can change everything.

As a former teacher of secondary school, GCSE and A Level English Language and Literature, I’ve had over 15 years' experience of polishing grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation and clarity. As a former head of Media Studies, I've had over 12 years' worth of insight into how powerful advertising works.

As a published author, blogger and produced screenwriter, I’ve had over ten years’ experience of meeting deadlines, working to briefs and collaborating with creatives, healers and executives.

As a writer, I’m a perfectionist with an eye for flair and detail.

As an editor and proof-reader, I’m resourceful and thorough.

As a person, I’m friendly, conscientious and down-to-earth.

And, most importantly, I enjoy working closely with clients to ensure that we achieve exactly the impression that’s best for you.

If you’ve got something to say, but you’re not sure which words to use,  I can help...

Copy writing -  i can write the right words to make you and your business stand out

big picture Editing - i can give you detailed advice on how to make your own writing sing, flow and sell

line-by-line editing - i can take your words and tweak them line by line until every thing is perfect

Proofreading - i can check your work is professionally immaculate

mixture - I can do a mix of all these according to what you need


You've done what you're good at, now let me help you attract the attention you deserve

Check out the  Prices, Special Offers and Packages at the bottom of this page, but I also offer help and advice tailored to your wordy needs, however large or small, in the following areas:

 ideas - overflow

You've got a lot of ideas and things that you want to share with the world, but you're not really sure how to put shape or form to them all. Where to start? And where to end? And what on earth, do you put in the middle?  If you're a bit stuck on how to convert your notebook of ideas into clear, well-structured words and paragraphs that flow on the page and that will move your readers and clients in your direction, then I can help.  I can talk your ideas through with you and build a workable structure that you can either take away and fill in yourself or hire me further to write for you.

Ideas - blockage

A blank page can be scary.  Converting into words what it is  that you actually do can be overwhelming. It happens to the best of us, but if you feel like you've wasted enough mornings and late nights staring at a blank page, writing a few words and then deleting them again, then I can help.  Together we can identify all the things that make your business or practice stand out against the competition, which I will then translate into strong persuasive words that do proper justice to what it is that you do and provide for others. 

Grammar, Punctuation and Clarity

Whatever your practice or business, it’s important that you come across as professional.  Dense, clunky sentences can lose precious attention and sloppy punctuation can lose you respect.  Ensuring that your copy is mistake-free, fluent and clear is an essential baseline start before attempting any of the jazzy stuff below. Which is why I include this service for free in every one of my packages. Yes, I’m nice like that.


Your current and future clients are, first and foremost, people. And people respond more positively to the sound of a real human voice talking to them than they do to a robot voice that has been programmed to say the right thing.  When you’ve decided on how you would like your ‘voice’ to sound (Trustworthy and wise? Caring and inspirational? Practical and insightful? Witty and savvy?  Reliable and experienced?), I’ll write or rewrite your existing copy to ensure that it sounds natural and consistent  throughout.


Unless you’ve invented an astronaut sock specially designed to be worn by baby guinea pigs on Jupiter, it’s highly likely that you’ll have a few competitors out in your field. We need to ensure that not only are you clear about what makes you and your business different than the others, but that this distinctive quality is coming across loud and clear in your marketing.

Boost the benefits (as opposed to the features!)

You know your business or workshop is great and you've listed all its fantastic features, but I'm afraid your readers aren’t really going to bite unless it’s emphatically clear what exactly it's going to do for them.   I will help you convert the features into benefits so they can see immediately how you are going to improve their lives and solve their problems.

Clear the Clutter

There’s a lot to say about  how your practice or business works, but people are busy and easily distracted.  What are the key things you want to say and what are the key things your clients want to hear? I’ll make sure these needs match up in a clear and concise way that cuts to the chase.

attention grabbers

There are proven techniques that work in words and layout to grab attention and increase persuasiveness. I’ll make sure that your copy makes full use of them, without ever sounding too ‘salesy’ or artificial. 

marketing tips

By ensuring that your title, meta tags and first and last paragraphs contain important SEO friendly keywords (without sounding clunky), you are more likely to receive higher rankings in search engines like Google and Bing.  Likewise, knowing how a Unicorn is different to a Donkey will help you to make the most of your content. I can help guide you through this crazy, ever-changing world.


  • · Webpage Content - including Sales Pages, Landing Pages, 'About Me' Pages

  • · Brochures and leaflets

  • · Adverts and pitches

  • · Blogs and newsletters

  • · Letter writing and CVs

  • · Speeches and presentations

  • · Documents, articles and essays

  • · Film scripts and books

See below for more information about the packages and current special offers

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You’ve done what you’re good at, now let me make your work shine in the way it deserves.

Email me with your requirements if you think you think you might like to work with me. More details about prices, along with the current special offers and packages I provide are below.


"I've been fortunate to work with Kate on several projects including web pages, online blogs, magazine articles, email newsletters and Facebook adverts. Any professional writer knows the power of a good editor, the way they can tweak your work so that the last rocks fall off to reveal the diamond underneath, they chip away the unnecessary words to help you share your message in a compelling way.  Working with Kate has made a significant difference to my business as I've been able to confidently share my content and reach more people, which has converted into attracting new clients and people booking on to my workshops.     The care and research that Kate takes to understand my customer base, the level of detail with each word she checks, changes or improves and her communication with me, offering opinions, solutions and edits is second to none. I've worked with many editors in my career and Kate is the best I've worked with. "   Kate Marillat, best-selling author of 'Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life'

“Kate took time to understand the nitty gritty of my business and who I am - and then turned that into written prose so that other people could do the same. She has given my website a ‘voice’ so that my potential clients can get gauge who and I am, what I do and who I might be able to help. I didn’t think I needed anyone to re-wite my text - that was until she transformed it! Thank you Kate - A superb job, expertly done! “ Anna Goodwin, Stressfree Mums

Prices, Special Offers and Packages

Copy-writing -   £30 per hour  / £139   for 5 hours  (7% off)   /   £255 for 10 hours (15% off)

Line by Line Editing - £25 per hour /  £116 for 5 hours   (7% off)   /   £212 for 10 hours (15% off)

Big Picture Editing -  £23 per hour  /  £106   for 5 hours  (7% off)   /   £195 for 10 hours  (15% off)

Proof reading - £21 per hour  /  £97  for 5 hours  (7% off)  /  £178  for 10 hours  (15% off)

One to One Meeting - First hour free / £23 per hour there after

Website Launch Package

for those of you who are launching a new website

We start off with getting to the bottom of what it is you do and provide, what your distinctive qualities are, who your clients and target audience are,  what voice you wish to use and what exactly you want your website and each of its pages to do for you.

Gold Gilt Frame

I transform your ideas into clear, persuasive and compelling copy. It will use a consistent voice throughout, make your identity distinctive and authentic and will make full use of all the necessary persuasive devices, without ever sounding salesy or artificial – to order to engage your audience and attract them to sign up.

£150 per page (500 words) or a 5 page (2,500 words) package at £700.

Silver Hip Flask

You provide the first draft which I edit line by line to ensure that there is a clear and authentic  voice throughout,  that your identity is distinctive and exactly how you want it to come across, along with making full and subtle use of persuasive techniques throughout.

Depending on your level of need (i.e. how rough your first draft is), this service ranges from £60 - £120 per page (500 words) or a 5 page (2,500 words) package at £270 - £500.

Bronze Figurine

I provide a detailed plan of what you need to write on each page, along with a headline, a paragraph to get you started, some pointers on how to capture your preferred voice and some extra persuasive details and examples for you to use as and when you like on the page.

£40 per page or a 5 page package at £200


Website Reboot Package

If you already have a website or advertising material, but feel like they could be working harder for you or need a rethink in terms of vision or attracting clients, then these packages could be the answer for you.

We start off with getting to the bottom of what it is you do and provide, what your distinctive qualities are compared to your competition, who your clients and target audience are,  what voice you wish to use and what exactly you want your website and each of its pages to do for you.  

We’ll also discuss your existing website and advertising material and identify any immediate areas that you feel could be worked upon and improved.

I will send you an evaluation of your existing website/ materials.

What do I look at?

·         Voice –  is it consistent throughout? Do you sound like you want to sound?

·         Identity – are there any ways in which your distinctive qualities could be highlighted more?

·         Clarity and Readability –  is the language accessible in a positive way? Are there any areas where it might be off-putting or obtuse ?

·         Audience Focus – Does it address your audience in a way that will pull them towards you?  Are you identifying and addressing their needs (as opposed to yours?)

·         Benefit Boosting – are your clients clear exactly how they will benefit from your service?

·         Clutter Clearance – are you drowning your readers in a sea of words and extraneous information?  Which information is it essential for them to know?

·         Attention Grabbers – are you using headlines, subheadings, pictures, questions and structure effectively enough?  Are there places where this could be improved?

·         Call to Action – are your readers clear about what you want them to do? Do you give them plenty of encouraging and obvious opportunities to do this?

·         Punctuation and Grammar – does it come across as professional?

£40 per page (500 words) or £160 for 5 pages (2,500 words)

Once you’ve received this feedback, you might feel that it’s enough for you to go away and work on yourself.

Or you may feel that you'd like to upgrade to either the Supercharge or Overhaul Packages

Supercharge Package

Using the above evaluation criteria, I will energise and strengthen any areas that need attention and I will give it a final proofreading polish (for typos and sense) so that it’s powerful, gleaming and immaculate.

£60- £70 per page (500 words) or £230 - £330 for 5 pages (2,500 words)

Overhaul Package

I will completely overhaul and rewrite your website content for you so it’s up to a high standard that you are happy with, ticks all the boxes in the evaluation package and is completely ready for re-launch…

£75 - £95 per page (500 words) or £360 - £450 for 5 pages (2,500 words)

Email me with your requirements or to fix a date and time to discuss your requirements in person.